Political Law Compliance

To ensure compliance with ethics, campaign financing, and lobbying laws and rules, we present our clients with a comprehensive review of government affairs. We work closely with compliance officers to ensure our clients are meeting all requirements. Our services including: assisting with political action committees, corporate political activities, lobbying registration, activity disclosures, and campaign contributions, administration and reporting.

The political compliance landscape in New Mexico is changing following significant law changes in the past few years. In addition, the New Mexico State Ethics Commission was established and is now in operation. If your business works with government officials in the legislative and executive branches of government, then our job is to help you comply with state laws

Our diverse compliance team is a one-stop shop for the full range of political compliance matters – state elections, campaign finance, lobbying disclosures, and ethics rules.

Whether for a corporation, nonprofit organization, advocacy group, other entities or individual – CCC can help you maneuver through a maze of compliance requirements and see how laws apply to your business so you can keep doing what you do best.


Meet Our Team

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Avatar 83

Rikki-Lee G. Chavez, Esq.

Founder, CEO

John Thompson

Managing Partner, CFO

Greg Gallegos

Director of Compliance, COO

Jason Thompson

Director of Marketing, CMO


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