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Election Tracking

In order to win in the public policy arena, our company knows that elections have consequences. We not only track local and national elections, but create comprehensive publications to identify trends. With the use of research and polling, more detailed analyses and predictions can be reported.

Political Education

We provide routine guidance and education on policy and politics in New Mexico. Through the use of in-person seminars and webinars, this company brings the most relevant information to the clients and interested persons.

Administrative Law

We monitor regulatory bodies so that we may continuously keep our clients informed about agendas and actions that may impact their business. Assistance and guidance to our clients includes a wide range of strategies not limited to representation, advocacy, permitting, and interactions before state and local agencies, boards, and commissions.

Government Advocacy

The broad political resources and experiences of our company ensure that our lobbying efforts are carefully planned and well organized. We provide lobbying services that are customized for each individual client’s needs. Our lobbying services reach municipalities and counties throughout the state by delivering advocacy directly and through drafting of legislation.

Public Affairs

Successful media campaigns, strategic alliances, and effective communications are just a few of the approaches our team develops to guide our clients’ public affairs. We are continuously monitoring media to provide customized assistance regarding news releases and editorials. Our company also utilizes media analysis to track sentiment, volume and trends.

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