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The 101 on important state topics.
Registration is free, and all returning and new legislators are invited!

Join us for this interactive primer ahead of the 2023 Session.

This seminar features a high-level overview of important policy topics facing New Mexico today. Topics will include: Public Education; Oil & Gas; Renewable Energy; Tax Policy; Health Insurance; and the Criminal Legal System

We will hear from cabinet secretaries, state employees, NGO’s, industry, and government relations professionals.

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Compliance Over Cocktails

CCC hosted an outdoor cocktail reception on the Patio of La Posada hotel. The event featured a review of New Mexico's campaign financing and lobbyist reporting laws and regulations. All precautions were observed. Attendees were provided with detailed materials and encouraged to ask scenario specific questions.

Legislative Policy Primer

Ahead of the 2021 Legislative Session, we hosted a 10 part series to provide incoming legislators with a “primer” on topics that are at the forefront in New Mexico. A curated panel of expert speakers included legislative staff, journalists, NGO’s, industry, and government relations professionals. This was open to all legislators, both new and previously elected.

2020 Election Results Review

Capitol Counsel & Consulting hosted a Facebook Live event the morning after the November 2, 2020 elections. Along with our guest speakers, we discussed the many outcomes, known and yet to be decided.

Click here to view the presentation

Fall Candidate Showcase

In the fall of 2020 we hosted a bipartisan, bicameral fundraising series! This regional showcase reconnected attendees with old friends and introduced them to new faces in the election arena. Each installment featured up to three candidates from five different regions. This showcase was authorized by each participating candidate's campaign and in-kind contributions for organization and advertisement received from Capitol Counsel and Consulting.

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Previous Presentations Provided by:

NM State Legislators

Office of NM Secretary of State

Office of the Governor

Legislative Finance Committee

NM State Land Office

NM Office of the State Auditor

Economic Development Department

NM Taxation & Revenue Department

Office of Superintendent of Insurance

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