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Summer Speaker Series - RECAP

Presentations provided by various state government leaders regarding how New Mexico is adjusting to the impacts brought on by the pandemic.

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Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce

Today on Chamber Chat - See the presentation that gives a more detailed look at the seven bills discussed during the Special Session.

First Special Session 
of the 54th Legislature

The Legislature addressed the $2.4 billion budget deficits for fiscal years 2020 and 2021, and eight other measures listed by the Governor.

2020 Campaign Newsletter 

Volume 1

The pandemic has impacted every aspect of normalcy, and the 2020 elections are no exception. 1st Primary Reporting gives us some insight.

2020 NM Voter Registration

The primary election in New Mexico is fast approaching. Given current events, it's never been easier to vote absentee. Are you registered?

2020 NM Compliance Guide

Here's a quick look at the upcoming dates regarding election cycles and sessions. Also, campaign reporting and new contribution limitations.


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