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Summer Speaker Series - RECAP

This webinar series brought together some of the most influential leaders in state government. Each installment's themed panel showcased a unique sector of the Land of Enchantment and the amazing people dedicated to moving this state forward amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

The live interviews provided extemporaneous and frank discussions and attendees had the opportunity to submit questions in advance and in live time. This brief recap serves to highlight some of what was heard and learned during the live series and provide information and resources in one space.


Part 1: 2020 Special Session & Campaign Finance Refresher

Legislation Passed in June & Ensuring Campaign Finance Compliance


Brian Egolf, Esq. – Speaker of the House of Representatives, District 47

Daymon Ely, Esq. – House of Representatives, District 23

Marian Matthews, Esq. – House of Representatives, District 27

Dylan Lange, Esq. – Dir. of Legislative & Executive Affairs, NM Secretary of State

  • We discussed the bill creating the Civil Rights Commission:

Download PDF • 33KB

  • We also learned about the Small Business Recovery Loan Program:

Download PDF • 90KB

  • The Secretary of State's Office gave us an update on 2020 election changes and campaign finance compliance:

2020-07-23 LRA Training CC&C
Download PDF • 611KB

  • The SOS is launching its new reporting system before candidates' next filing date and lobbyists will start using it in 2021. We saw a preview of the new system. Contact Dylan Lange if you're interested in testing the system.


Part 2: SHE works for this state

Women Leaders in the Land of Enchantment


Caroline Buerkle – Deputy Chief of Operations, Office of the Governor

Dawn Iglesias – Chief Economist, Legislative Finance Committee

Stephanie Garcia Richard – State Land Commissioner, NM State Land Office

Tarin Nix – Deputy of Public Affairs, NM State Land Office

  • The Governor's Deputy Chief of Operations, Caroline Buerkle, joined Rika and Rikki-Lee for a discussion about how NM's Executive Office is responding to the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • We learned that the Governor intended to host a press conference with a new public health order before its public announcement. Access the State's public health orders.

  • Dawn Iglesias, Chief Economist with the Legislative Finance Committee, delivered a detailed breakdown of NM's economy and the long road to recovery:

COVID-19 on NM Economy_DI_July 2020
Download PDF • 662KB

  • The State Land Office "SLO" reminded us of the important role it plays with regard to state beneficiary funding and showcased programs and priorities:

7.30.2020 SLO Presentation
Download PDF • 4.52MB


Part 3: Back2Business In New Mexico

Opportunities and Information for NM Business Operations


Johanna Nelson – Strategic Prog. Dev. Coordinator, Economic Development Dept.

Stephanie Schardin Clarke – Secretary, NM Taxation and Revenue Department

Brian Colón – State Auditor, NM Office of the State Auditor

  • There is no shortage of recovery funding through loan programs and grants. Johanna Nelson with EDD provided so much information! Click here for a complete list.

  • The PowerPoint that Johanna prepared had so many fantastic resources! All the information discussed during the first segment of the webinar is available below:

EDD 8-6-20
Download PDF • 1.92MB
  • Secretary Stephanie Schardin Clarke delivered a fantastic presentation about tax compliance amid the coronavirus pandemic with options for businesses:

TRD 8-6-20
Download PDF • 459KB
  • Our New Mexico State Auditor and the host of Cafecito con Colòn brought his amazing energy to the webinar to discuss his commitment to state government. We learned about the three pillars that support the Office of the State Auditor:

OSA 8-6
Download PDF • 9.09MB

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